Vodacom: smart parents, smart kids

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Created for Vodacom World in Midrand, this informative lifestyle magazine tackles a hot topic: parenting in a digital age.

Our client, Samantha Botha, Managing Executive: Retail Customer Operations, says in her welcome letter for smart, “Being a parent is a big responsibility – this has always rung true, however, with technology becoming a bigger part of our lives and advancing every minute, the dilemmas we have as parents, are today more complex than they were in generations past.”

With this in mind, we put together a fantastic first issue packed with useful advice and information. The magazine helps moms and dads understand the technology that’s out there, it explores the advantages and risks, and provides useful facts and tips to help parents make informed decisions.

Whether it’s talking about when to let your toddler use a tablet or how to protect your teenager online, smart aims to demystify some of the burning questions and fears that parents have about technology and their children.

The magazine also explores Vodacom’s products and services and how parents can use these to transform technology into a useful tool. As Samantha explains, this aims to, “help your child become a well-rounded, skilled individual, ready for the world today and yet protected from the dangers that technology can also pose.”

This was an extremely rewarding publication to work on and we are thrilled with the end result – as was our client.