If you love rugby, you NEED our Vodacom Rugby Stats app

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When the headline sponsor of the largest and most prestigious rugby tournament in the world is a mobile operator, developing an app that tracks the player and team statistics of every team in the tournament is a really good idea. Rugby lovers snapped up this free app with gusto.

Each category ranks over 400 players per week. Rugby fans can see how their players and teams compare with others both per round (weekend game), and overall in the tournament. Best of all, the stats are updated every 90 seconds – so rugby fans can follow the game live, getting a second-screen perspective on their favourite players and teams during the game itself.

We built the app to be as interactive as possible, so fans can tap each field in the app and be taken to another screen. This makes the app not just informative, but fun to navigate and explore.

The app is available for free in the iTunes, Google Play and BlackBerry World app stores. On short notice, Vodacom integrated the app into their annual 'Supergees' campaign, and released a television ad, and supported it with television stings.

Great results
Within three weeks of its release the Vodacom Rugby Stats App was the most downloaded app on the South African iTunes and Google Play stores. It was downloaded as far afield as Turkmenistan!

One of the most interesting results was the fact that general rugby discourse in South Africa changed dramatically in the wake of the app. Bloggers, opinion leaders and journalists began to use statistics in their content, most of them crediting the Vodacom Rugby Stats app as the source.